Friday, July 22, 2005

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Blogger rain-rien nevermind said...

A Toes by any other name hip hop
Twinkle Tits Zappa type a tapo plop
parts and tids:

Twice Upon a Time…
Ray Johnson Typed This:

Here lies Tweeter
Wrapped in silk
The little bird
Drowned in a Glass of milk

Sept 1952 – June 1954

And even more disturbingly Ray typed
On January 8th 1963 1.8.63
Under Department of Housing and Buildings
City of New York Letterhead Form 81A FDC
1664 SEAL above Edward T. Crinnion
First Deputy commissioner

Miss Tavroges, (toe rodgers)

Your white cat was drowned last night in the
Steuben Glass pool on Fifth Ave. & 56 St. by
Ray Johnson who held it under water until there
Were no more bubbles. Larry Poons stood by

Then they went to the Rochefeller Centre
Ice Skating Rink to use the hand dryer in
The Gentlemen because Ray Johnson’s right
Arm got soaking wet to the elbow.

Big Curls Don’t Dry.
Ray Johnson

And he thought weeeee were upsettling !

A few years later Ray
Started sending out RAY JOHNSON BLANK HEADS
With his outline, He sent one to James Rosenquist
And John Perrault who stamped on them and filled
Them softly with Butterflys and Cross Hatchlings.
Ray sent one to me, also, which I thought
looked just fine as it was….. and never added
Or subtracted or deleted or removed or detached.
I recognized Rosenquist right away from the old
Bob Dylan song he hadn’t written yet called
“ A simple quist of Fate “. Perrault, on the other hand,
I kept confusing with Her Curl.
Now, All Those Years Ago Later I can see clearly
Another Drowned White Cat,. This is for Bill Wilson and ross purr roll and All the Kittens down bye the Lake.
You have to work out your Grief, it is not all Good like that Charlie Brown would have you believe. Linus minus curve equal unbroken circle.(maybe)

This is eBaby Dorothea Tanning Non Art for those who are Hear and Now.
And How ! Cry with me. now…Meow

Love and Ashes, rain-rien nevermind

Please auction your toe bandages on eBaby I will bid up to one toe-nail for each rapper.
Dear, Low Raw Raw Beez
I even miss your silence, now.

10:35 PM


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